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Our clients are able to attend innovation training and workshops designed by SIIDI. Our innovative training, which consists of 4 sections including: mental health, innovative thinking, leadership execution, and real-life based projects, aims to help companies with innovation.
Our clients are able to have the latest industrial information and activities invitations from SIIDI and its enterprise alliance. Clients could use our enterprise alliance for networking, business cooperation, and resources exchanging.
During the project collaboration period, SIIDI provides shared open office services, including stations, meeting rooms, WIFI, tea & coffee, printing, and cleaning, etc. SIIDI also provides services to help clients connect with enterprises within the industry to enhance industrial collaborations.
Our clients are able to attend SIIDI’s innovation forums that focus on industry trends and frontier problems. The forum also provides opportunities for our clients to discuss these issues with academic and industrial leaders and experts.
SIIDI provides multiple media channels, institution platforms, and enterprise alliance to assist company with marketing and promotion. -
SIIDI provides opportunities for clients to connect with potential investors based on their particular needs. SIIDI is also able to assist projects with financing and rapid developments. -
Our clients enjoy the opportunity to conduct their own case studies in activities or conferences organized by SIIDI. SIIDI is also able to provide professional instructors for such activities. - -
Our clients enjoy non-profit fee for organizing different corporate activities in cooperation with SIIDI who provides tailed services based on customer needs. - -
Our clients enjoy our top tier consulting services provided by elite experts from various industries to diagnose and customize solutions for particular problems of the company. - -
Our clients have priority access to exhibit spaces in conferences organized by SIIDI as well as opportunities to present their products and ideas across fields and industries. - -