Based in Shanghai, facing the global design and innovation ecosystem.

Connect | This Center will connect SIIDI to globally influential design and innovation teams and internationally renowned research and university resources to inject global, multi-level innovation power into the joint laboratory.

Excavation | The Center will identify and match design and innovation projects and resources Should there be a dot point regarding the provision of intermediaries and translators between the academy and industry

Diagnosis | The Center will work to determine the needs of companies in the middle of transformation and innovation and provide appropriate project consulting and implementation advice to these enterprises

Case: City Walk Lab

As the greatest collective creation of mankind, the city is a national cultural treasure.

From the architecture, you can see how a city and a nation has changed across the years.

From the streets, neighbourhoods, and businesses, you can see the city's most ambitious, powerful, romantic, and poetic souls.

Our CityWalk experience is an engaging and immersive opportunity to increase your understanding and appreciation of the city.

We provide the key to open up travellers' curiosity and love of the city, and finally create empathy and care for the people and things around us.